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"What you've done with my resume is excellent, looks great! You've done a fantastic job in catching the eye with my main strengths, of assessing my skills and how to convey them. I'm off to a great start because of the work you accomplished on my behalf. Thank you for the excellent, high quality work you did!"

"People will be glad they came to you. You helped me a lot!"

"Thanks for caring about your people, it is a huge part of what endears you to me and makes me appreciate your invaluable contribution to our team."

"You will enjoy working with Teresa Rome. She is a very caring, articulate and professional person and you will find her very dependable and highly capable. Teresa is a great resource and has earned the respect and trust of our staff."

" I absolutely LOVE the resume! I think the format/layout is great and will definitely draw attention."

" are brilliant!!! It is gorgeous...thank you! You can bet I will recommend you to my fellow comrades. I'm so happy! =) Thank you once again."

WELCOME to Top of the Line Resumes!!!

If you need a resume, you've come to the right place!

Hello... and welcome to Top of the Line Resumes! My name is Teresa and I'm a seasoned Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) who has been writing and screening resumes for many years. I know exactly what employers and recruiters are looking for in a resume. Do you?

Do you know how many seconds your resume has to impress a prospective employer? I do - and it's not many (keep reading to find out)! I've got the resources, the expertise and the experience and I know what to do to help!

Top of the Line Resumes prepares professional and powerfully targeted resumes and other job search materials specially designed to quickly grab an employer's attention and compel him to give you an interview – all professionally written and affordable.

A wide range of job search services are offered:

  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • Reference Sheets
  • Salary History Sheets
  • Thank You/Follow-Up Letters
  • Interview Coaching

PLUS, you get to choose a FREE GIFT with every Resume order:

  • Questions You Might be Asked at an Interview
  • Questions You Can Ask Prospective Employers or Interviewers
  • Questions to Ask after Job Offer is Made - Negotiating the Terms of the Position

Studies show that your resume has about seven (7) seconds to hook the reader and you only get ONE shot at it! How are you going to communicate yourself to a prospective employer? How will YOU stand out from everyone else?

A professionally designed and written resume designed can make all the difference and an expertly branded resume differentiates candidates from the hundreds of others a hiring manager receives. Hiring an expert/professional is a good use of your money, even in this tough economy when people's money may be tight. In fact, it is possibly the best investment you can make in yourself and your career.

"A professionally designed and written resume can make all the difference!"

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